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Another beautiful building from the daily commute.  This one is the Spitzer School of Architecture at CUNY on 136th and Convent Avenue.   By Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly.  Can’t wait to see the Gaudi show that opens there next week.

Am thinking of serving thin slices of this sephardic-style panforte at Rosh Hashanah as part of the dessert offerings.  If I don’t eat it all up beforehand.   Love this recipe - haven’t made in a while….this time with toasted pecans along with dried fruits that were lingering in the pantry (sour cherries, apricots, sultanas, calimyrna figs).  

Enjoying one of these tasty Polish beers (from a FOUR-pack!) on a sunny September evening.    Prost!

From Yotam Archives | Ottolenghi

Love this. Only wish the cover art for US edition was as fabulous ( or the same ) as the UK one. Also had a chance to reread this great profile on Yotam from a couple years ago: http://nyr.kr/1mkEaW7. And remember how lucky we were to have the good sense to visit his then-new NOPI restaurant during its soft opening in 2011 .

Last night, again, with our favorite ‘simple’ chicken dish via Marcella — only lemons, salt & pepper plus the boid.   Roasted to perfection.   Mille grazie, signora Hazan.    And another household favorite, the “plum” cake that forgives a zillion variations (this one with donut peaches and a variety of random plums of a certain age that are fished out of the fridge. 

Then a nice stretch-out on the couch with a sleepy Mici (he got some raw chicken scraps earlier & was quite content), along with yesterday’s find at my new favorite bookstore en el mundo mundial — Kitchen Arts & Letters on Lex between 93rd & 94th.    Enjoying “Family Life: birth, death and the whole damn thing” by Elisabeth Luard.   I can even find it in my heart to forgive the rather steep asking price for this sucker as I don’t think this Brit-published version is even available in book form on Amazon, save for intrepid resellers who charge even more.  #score


Get color-full.

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Oh. My. FUNFETTI cake. Who knew?

Mici the cat demonstrates his most amazing beggar-boy skills when there’s protein a-cooking en la cocina. Last night was no exception when I tried a new recipe for pollo al ajillo (receta tradicional). Micifuf scored some raw chicken scraps and the fam scored a new keeper recipe.

At first, T and I thought we were heading toward a misfire when I added some ingredients out of sequence. Let’s face it - I was (a) tired, (b) following instructions in tiny print, (c) concerned that chicken pieces weren’t golden brown like the ones T remembered from childhood and (d) feeling rushed because I was aiming to scoot out to a yoga class after cooking it off — idea was that we’d have a later, Spanish-style dinner.   Oh yes, and the sauce seemed way too liquid toward the end.

But then I (a) opted for an icy cold beer instead of going to yoga, (b) removed the chicken parts and reduced the sauce to a thick consistency and (c) added the finishing sprinkle of finely chopped parsley and — voilà — dinner was served.  The boys scarfed it down.

Now my everlovin’ spouse is talking smack about cooking his own version tonight to show that he can do it even better. A kind of pollo al ajillo contest. May the best poultry whisperer win. Bring it on!

Here’s the recipe I used: http://invitadoinvierno.com/aves-caza/pollo-al-ajillo-receta-tradicional/

NYC Century bike ride today! Fun tour of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens via their 55 mile route. A few nice swag items at the end, too, and a very satisfied feeling, Didn’t bring a thermos of hot chai tea and banana bread like last time but did bring a pot of hummus and bags of cut up veg.

Gotta eat, always.

Thanks for the company, Nancy and Erica!

Fuchsia Dunlop: London’s Chinatown



Illustrations by Hannah K. Lee

Four articles from Lucky Peach were nominated for James Beard awards this year. We’ll post all of them this week for your reading pleasure. First up: Chinese food guru Fuchsia Dunlop on London’s Chinatown.

Bonus recommendation: Fuchsia’s latest book, Every Grain of Rice, is amazing for the home cooks in the audience. I’ve been cooking out of it on the regular for the last few months. - pfm

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